Brittany Cartwright, Jax Taylor
Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor are pictured here during an episode of "Vanderpump Rules." Gustavo Caballero/Bravo


  • Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright reacted to Tom Sandoval denying that he hooked up with Raquel Leviss
  • Sandoval said in a "VPR" confessional that "nothing has happened" between him and Leviss
  • Sandoval insisted that a hookup "wouldn't happen" between him and his co-star

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright called out Tom Sandoval for denying that he ever hooked up with Raquel Leviss before news of the co-stars' affair broke last month.

The couple described their ex-pal as "devilish" as Sandoval lied to a "Vanderpump Rules" producer about his affair with Leviss in Page Six's exclusive preview of Wednesday night's episode with Peacock's "Watch This" feature.

"No. Nothing has happened between Raquel and I, like, nothing," Sandoval said in a confessional. "Like, it wouldn't happen between, you know ... like me and Katie [Maloney]."

While watching the episode from the couch, Cartwright, 34, exclaimed, "Oh, he can't even say it without a smile on his face!"

"He can't even say it!" Taylor, 43, added.

With their mouths agape, the couple — who left "VPR" in 2020 — dissected Sandoval's smile as he denied hooking up with the former beauty pageant contestant.

"He is smiling. He cannot help but smile. Like, little devilish grin is what that was," Cartwright said, before her husband added, "God, he's good."

In early March, Ariana Madix broke up with Sandoval after nine years together after she reportedly found a sexually explicit video of Leviss on his phone and discovered that the two had been communicating inappropriately for months.

Cartwright and Taylor have been sharing their thoughts about Sandoval's cheating scandal, which has been dubbed by fans as "Scandoval," over the past weeks.

Last week, Taylor said Leviss should "consider acting," apparently impressed by how she managed to keep her secret romance with Sandoval under wraps for months.

"This whole time she's just putting on a show to make it look like there's nothing going on between her and [Sandoval]," the former SUR bartender said on an episode of Peacock's "Watch With" special. "Going on a date with Oliver [Saunders], kissing [Tom] Schwartz, this is all a facade. This is all for show. She should really consider acting."

Cartwright admitted that she never thought Leviss would be a third party in Sandoval and Madix's relationship.

"I thought she was a nice, sweet girl," she said of Leviss in the episode.

Amid the fallout from the scandal, Sandoval and Leviss have not put on a label on their relationship, but some reports claimed that they wanted to be together.

Sandoval recently defended Leviss after rumors surfaced that she was actually at a spa and not a mental health facility, as she had previously claimed. He called out "VPR" alums Peter Madrigal and Dayna Kathan for casting doubt on Leviss' whereabouts, claiming they had "absolutely no idea what's going on."

"Raquel is in a mental facility," Sandoval told TMZ. "Whether she decides to tell you where that is after the fact ... that's where Raquel is. No visitors, no friends, no family, no phone, no nothing."

"Vanderpump Rules" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo. It is available to stream with Peacock's "Watch This" feature Thursdays.

Raquel Leviss and Tom Schwartz
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 14: Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval, Raquel Leviss and Tom Schwartz at the Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras performance at Hotel Cafe on November 14, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. Araya Doheny/Getty Images