Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston, the dirty blonde bombshell that got her start on the hit TV show Friends, is once again donning the covering of GQ magazine. She’s being featured on the cover of the March 2012 issue of the magazine.

In the follow-up to her ultra-sexy feature in GQ magazine, Jennifer Aniston has continued to promote her new film Wanderlust beside her co-star Paul Rudd.

In a recent interview with the entertainment blog Pop Sugar, Aniston talked further about her long-time friendship with Rudd and her new relationship with actor Justin Theroux.

I'd met Justin [Theroux] five years ago, said Aniston. He was always so sweet and very nice, but I remember thinking he was very dark. At first, you think he could be a serial killer. But he's the nicest person in the world.

Aniston has previously talked about her previous relationship with Theroux, 40, and said it was just a platonic relationship. She said that the two didn't begin dating until the film Wanderlust was wrapped.

Theroux was recently a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show, and he spoke briefly about his relationship with Aniston.

I have a very particular pair of shoes which I breakdance in, said Theroux. [Jennifer] just recently celebrated a birthday and ever since she saw Zoolander she's been obsessed with making me break-dance. Literally obsessed with it. I break-danced at a friends' wedding. So she's been saying, 'When are you going to break dance?'

Aniston sent over the pair of break dancing shoes with a short memo to Degeneres. The memo said this:


I though Justin might need these.

See you tomorrow --


Being a good sport, Theroux began flipping twisting and spinning on the hardwood floor of The Ellen Degeneres Show. The crowd screamed and Degeneres eventually came up and hugged Theroux. I love it! she said.

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