Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay was arrested on Sunday night for driving under the influence. After being released on Monday afternoon, he faces four felony counts of a controlled substance.

Irsay was reportedly released on $22,500 bond. The 54-year-old was arrested after driving slowly, coming to a stop in the road and failing to use a turn signal. Police found prescription drugs in the vehicle.

"The Club continues to fully support Mr. Irsay but must refrain from commenting further at least until formal charges have been filed,” the Colts said in a statement. "A hearing is tentatively scheduled for next Wednesday, March 26."

The arrest doesn’t come as a surprise to some who know Irsay. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, there have been signs that the owner has been dealing with a problem.

“There are people around the Colts organization who have been suspicious about some of his behavior,” Schefter said Monday morning on “SportsCenter.”

Following the incident, Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star reported that Irsay has been struggling with drugs for years. Irsay recently lost 70 pounds, but claimed it was at the behest of his doctors.

"He's a sick, sick man,'' one source told Kravitz. “He desperately needs help.''

In 2002, Irsay admitted to a prescription pain medication addiction. He had been prescribed pills to help him deal with several surgeries. Since then, though, the owner has contended that he is sober, even criticizing fans who questioned his sobriety.

“Actually working, sorry naysayers..I don't drink...haven't in over 15 years..I know when your unhappy or jealous it's easy to be mean-spirited,” Irsay tweeted in October.

Since being released from jail, Irsay has taken to Twitter, thanking his friends and family for their support. He is subject to punishment under the NFL’s personal conduct policy.