• Jimmy Garoppolo could make any trade by the 49ers harder
  • NFL teams remain wary of taking in Garoppolo due to his $24.2 million salary
  • The 49ers have to decide on Garoppolo's fate before the regular season starts

So far, the San Francisco 49ers have had no luck finding a willing taker for Jimmy Garoppolo.

The low level of interest is understandable, considering that that two-time Super Bowl champion is fresh from an offseason shoulder surgery.

Hence, the likely scenario for the 30-year-old play-caller is being on the Niners' roster when the 2022-23 NFL season starts.

Teams will likely want to see how healthy he is before making a move for him.

There is no telling how other NFL teams will be able to assess Garoppolo.

For one, he is expected to play behind Trey Lance as the 49ers start a whole new era with the 22-year-old standout.

This scenario alone hints that it may be a long season for Garoppolo, which is unless the third overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft wilts under the pressure.

It is also worth considering that Garoppolo may not instantly agree to a trade to another team.

Although he does not hold a no-trade clause, he can decline any contract except for the NFL team that he is amenable to joining per NBC Sports.

The acceptable scenario for Garoppolo may be moving to a different NFL team who is willing to pay his full scheduled salary.

But given his situation, pundits don't see this immediately happening.

A better picture of his future may be known on August 30. This is the point where most NFL teams will have to trim down their rosters to the 53-player limit.

Heading towards that, there is a twist in the Niners-Garoppolo drama.

The Illinois native's contract does not become guaranteed unless he is on the roster for the first game of the NFL regular season, according to Pro Football Talk.

Additionally, the Niners have to make a huge decision by Tuesday, August 9, heading into Week 1 of the regular season.

The reason is for San Francisco to make sure that they free themselves from any financial commitment to Garoppolo for the coming season.

Garoppolo is set to make $24.2 million in base salary with up to $800,000 available in per-game roster bonuses.

Jimmy Garoppolo #10 of the San Francisco 49ers
Jimmy Garoppolo #10 of the San Francisco 49ers Getty Images | Stacy Revere