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John David and Josiah Duggar in a scene from “Counting On” Season 2C. TLC

As several of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s older children start courtships, get married and have families of their own, a handful remain at home in their Arkansas abode. Among those still single including the couple’s second oldest son, John David Duggar.

Before “Counting On” returns for Season 3 this fall with new marriages, babies and other exciting announcements on the way, check out John’s rumored dating history and find out who he has been speculated to have courted in past years.

John was most recently linked to a member of Erin Bates’ family. In December 2015, rumors swirled he was courting the “Bringing Up Bates” reality star’s sister-in-law Tabitha Paine. Tabitha quickly denied the rumors, which have plagued the Bates-Duggar families numerous in the past, and revealed she was simply spending time with John’s family because she was working as Jim Bob and Michelle’s live-in tutor.

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“Because we don’t do school 24/7 I am able to join in with the family’s work and fun activities during the weekends and evenings,” Tabitha explained at the time. “Hence, the reason why you may see so many pictures!” For good measure, Tabitha continued to shoot down the courtship rumors by writing she “may just be single for the rest of my life.”

Prior to being linked to Tabitha, John was thought to be potentially courting a mystery woman in November 2014. After photos surfaced of John smiling and dining with the brunette, it was later revealed that the female in question, who went by Masierspace on Instagram, was a close family friend of the Duggars and not John’s girlfriend.

Several months after the rumors surfaced, Jim Bob made it clear on the family’s original reality series, “19 Kids and Counting,” that his son was not attached to anyone. “He’s not courting anybody right now, but it probably won’t be too long,” Jim Bob told the cameras. “John David is a great guy. He’ll be a great catch for some young lady.”

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In May 2016, talk John may have found a special someone spread after his sister Jinger Duggar teased his love life on “Counting On.” During a talk with her sisters and sister-in-law Anna Duggar, Jessa Seewald made it clear Jinger knew more about John’s love life than the rest. “Jinger actually knows about that one but she’s not saying,” Jessa said after Anna asked for courtship information.

“I guess people say that I know the most about John’s relationship status. My answer to that, the info I know, is ask John,” Jinger said. “It’s true. My lips are sealed.”

John last opened up about his love life during the “Counting On” tell-all special earlier this month. When asked to comment on his little sister Joy-Anna’s marriage proposal by his friend and now brother-in-law Austin Forstyh, John revealed he has a special plan in mind for when he meets someone.

“It’s not as good as what I’m going to do,” John said when critiquing Austin’s proposal.

“John has had a lot more time to plan than I have,” Austin quipped in response.

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John’s brother Josiah said he had an idea the proposal would be on a plane as it is one of John’s hobbies. “Til death do us part,” Josiah joked.

When pressed by host Stephanie Oz when he proposal would happen, John made it clear he doesn’t have anyone in his life at the moment. At least, not anyone he wants the world to know about just yet.

“Well, just keep teasing I guess,” he said. “I don’t know.”