Jose Canseco
Former Major League Baseball player Jose Canseco speaks during a round table discussion regarding the prevalence of performance-enhancing drugs in sports in 2013. Canseco says he lost the finger he shot in October 2014. Reuters

Former Major League Baseball player Jose Canseco is recovering in the hospital after accidentally shooting himself at home in Las Vegas on Tuesday. In the meantime, Canseco's fiancee and daughter are speaking out against people making fun of the incident.

Canseco underwent surgery at the University Medical Center to repair his left middle finger, which he injured while cleaning one of his guns. Canseco may not be able to fully use his finger again, TMZ reported. His fiancee, model Leila Knight, told the New York Daily News that he "blew away an artery and a big bone chunk."

"We have four guns in the house. We are now going to have zero. I hate guns,” she said. “Jose is a little freaked out. He keeps saying, ‘Sorry, sorry.’ But we’re extremely lucky, lucky it wasn’t worse, or that he didn’t shoot me.”

The reaction online was much different. Twitter users laughed and lashed out at Canseco, who has a reputation for using steroids and tweeting strange messages. He once claimed he knew how to time travel and launched a campaign to be Toronto's mayor despite not being a Canadian citizen.

His daughter, Josie Canseco, fired back Tuesday. "really sucks seeing people talk about my dad more times than I even get to see him. that's my sensitive spot," she tweeted. "wish people understood how much it hurts me. pick on me and what I do all you want but please don't bring my dad into it."

She followed with a vow to improve the family's standing: "I'm gonna make it for us daddy im gonna make our name powerful again and support us and change the way people talk @JoseCanseco I love you."

Knight scolded her followers, as well, tweeting: "I'm sure u wouldn't b laughing if it were u.Such cold hearted souls."

Canseco owns the guns legally but apparently didn't know the one he was cleaning was loaded. "Before cleaning your gun, make absolutely sure that it is unloaded," the National Rifle Association recommends on its website.

Canseco was a right-handed designated hitter and outfielder for several baseball teams from 1985 to 2001, including the Oakland Athletics, Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox. He retired in 2002 and is 32nd on the MLB's all-time most home runs list.