Jurassic World
Before "Jurassic World" premieres in theaters this Friday, catch up on your "Jurassic Park" trivia. Pictured: the poster for "Jurassic World." Universal Studios

To hype people up for the premiere of "Jurassic World," the minds behind the film are trying to lean on people's nostalgia and love for the original film, "Jurassic Park." With so much of the new film's subtext having to do with the 1993 original, perhaps now is as good a time as any for a look back.

"Jurassic Park" is heralded by many as the premiere blockbuster of a generation. After all, it certainly captured the hearts and minds of moviegoers when it brought dinosaurs to life in a real way on the big screen for the first time. According to the film's teasers, the characters in "Jurassic World" have built a real theme park out of the wreckage left behind in the first three movies. The 1993 classic began with John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) creating the first failed attempt and the new movie will see Bryce Dallas Howard's character do the same.

With so much of the upcoming blockbuster echoing back to the original, many fans are probably looking back to the first movie to prep for what's ahead. To help, below are five facts you may not have known about "Jurassic Park."

1. It All Started With "ER"

Remember the NBC medical drama "ER"? Well it turns out that "Jurassic Park" might not have happened without it. According to an in-depth look at "Jurassic Park," done by Entertainment Weekly, director Steven Spielberg initially met with "Jurassic Park" author Michael Crichton to discuss a film adaptation of the author's script "Cold Case" about his time working as a medical resident. While Spielberg wasn't interested in the script the two got to talking about another idea that Crichton had, to write a novel in which dinosaurs were brought back using DNA. The famed director heard all he needed to hear and as soon as "Jurassic Park" started circulating in Hollywood, he snatched the project right up. Meanwhile, "Cold Case" eventually morphed into the hit NBC drama that ran for a whopping 15 seasons.

2. It Brought CGI Into The Conversation

Some movies have arguably gone completely overboard with CGI in the past decade and it turns out that "Jurassic Park" had a lot to do with that. Initially, Spielberg wanted the dinosaurs to be made of practical effects. However, he wasn't happy with the way things were turning out. That's when, according to Mental Floss, a team of animators working on the vanguard of CGI from films like "The Abyss" and "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" showed the director what they could create with the technology. From there, he was so impressed that he ordered more CG effects be worked into the movies to give the dinosaurs the realistic ease of movement that made things look so real and scary.

3. 15 Minutes Of Fame

While "Jurassic Park" was filled with a bevy of complicated and intelligent characters, the real star of the movie was always the dinosaurs. Despite being impressed with what they were able to bring to the screen with CG effects, the first "Jurassic Park" movie kept its rabbit in the hat for a good chunk of its runtime. Out of the 127 minutes of screen time for the film, only 15 minutes of it is spent with dinosaurs on the screen, according to the film's facts page on IMDb.

4. The Best Directorial Partnership

If you're a movie fan, you're aware that when Spielberg and George Lucas get together, great things happen. Such was the case for "Jurassic Park." Although it wrapped production 12 days ahead of schedule, Spielberg was not able to oversee post-production on the film due to his commitment to "Schindler's List." As a result, he called on Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy to finish the movie for him.

5. We're Gonna Need A Bigger Easter Egg

A prehistoric monster terrorizing innocent people, does that sound like another movie at all to you? Well someone thought so. In this clip from the movie, you can very clearly see a small Easter egg to one of the director's other masterpieces, "Jaws." The movie is on one of the computer monitors in a very, very small window. It's not much, but who doesn't love a good Easter egg with their movies? "Jurassic World" sure does.

The next installment in the "Jurassic" franchise hits theaters Friday, exactly 22 years and one day after the original. Check out the trailer for "Jurassic World" below.