Kim Kardashian, known for her voluptuous curves, showed up at Paris Hilton's birthday party wearing an optical-illusion dress that made her look curvier than she actually is. Did you really need to do that Kim?

The reality TV star, whose recent flour-bombing incident hit headlines, has one of the curviest bodies in the glamour world. Although thin is beautiful for a lot of celebrities, there are some who prefer showing off their curves and choose to remain on the plump side. They are chubby and they are sexy!

While the most of the world chases thinspiration, we have a few beauties in Hollywood who are here to prove that it's not necessary to have an ultra-svelte figure to look good.

These women have curvy bodies and are referred to as beautiful by society at large.

From the timeless legend Marylin Monroe to Mad Men starlet Christina Hendricks, the bouncy hourglass figure is certainly appreciated. The curvy stars look not only healthier, but also different from many others who perhaps spend hours trying to maintain the slender look.

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