A massive fire broke out at a Kuwaiti scrapyard Tuesday, causing 5 million tires to erupt in flames in what members of the country's parliament are calling an environmental catastrophe.

Scroll down below to see amazing video of the millions of tires in flames.

The blaze erupted in the Rhayya neighborhood of the Kuwaiti city of Jahra in a dump for used tires.The cause is under investigation.

There were conflicting reports as to any injuries sustained in the fire. The Kuwait Times reported six individuals were treated for burns while the Kuwait News Agency said no injuries were suffered.

Hundreds of firemen, national guardsmen, army personnel and officials from the oil sector fought to contain the blaze, according to the Kuwait Times. The paper said 200,000 gallons of water has been used to extinguish the blaze.

Brigadier Yusuf Al-Ansari told the Kuwaiti News Agency that the area was secure and the dump was filled with sand to prevent any secondary blazes.

Members of the Middle Eastern country's parliaments called the disaster an environmental catastrophe, with some saying they want an official probe of the incident, the Kuwait Times reported.

Residents were asked to stay away from the area, but education officials did not suspend classes at local schools.

Information Minister Sheikh Mohammed Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah said he will ask the city of Jahra to place a landfill further away from residents, the Kuwait Times reported.