Clayne Crawford as Riggs, Damon Wayans as Murtaugh
Damon Wayans shared details about Clayne Crawford’s alleged toxic behavior on the set of Fox’s “Lethal Weapon.” Fox/Jordin Althaus

“Lethal Weapon” star Damon Wayans opened up for the first time about the on-set tension between him and his former co-lead Clayne Crawford that led to the latter’s firing from the Fox buddy cop series.

Wayans, who plays Roger Murtaugh on the show, shared a video on Twitter detailing a violent incident on the set. In the six-second clip, Wayans can be seen getting hit in the back of his head by shrapnel from a special-effects explosion. Wayans wrote in the caption that the incident happened while filming an episode directed by Crawford.

In a follow-up tweet, Wayans shared a photo of his head bleeding. “How does the shrapnel from this hit me on the opposite side of the head?” the 57-year-old actor wrote alongside the pic.

The Emmy-nominated actor then posted the explanation he was presumably given for the incident. “Below is a rendering seeking to explain yesterday’s incident. It turns out there was a second shooter, to Damon’s left, on the other side of the pillar behind which his character was crouched, which accounts for what he heard from his left side. @claynecrawford #noapology,” he tweeted.

According to Deadline, the shrapnel incident took place on the second day of filming the episode, and production had already been behind because Wayans had called in sick the first day. Right after the incident, Wayans was reportedly sent home for the day, and when he came back to work, he set limitations to what he was willing to do in the episode, citing safety concerns.

Sources told the news outlet that Wayans’ demands led to an argument with Crawford, with the latter using strong words to tell Wayans how he felt about him. Apparently, the relationship between the two stars suffered irreparable damage following the dispute.

In a series of additional tweets, Wayans continued to share details about Crawford’s alleged toxic behavior around the show’s set. Wayans shared a photo of an illustration of the “Rectify” alum with the caption, “Clayne Crawford is an emotional terrorist.”

Wayans also tweeted that Crawford, who played Martin Riggs in the first two seasons of the show, has a “file of infractions.” Additionally, Wayans claimed that Crawford hit an actor in the mouth with a bottle of green tea and busted his mouth open.

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