Masika Kalysha
Masika Kalysha revealed that she and Fetty Wap are on good terms. The reality star is pictured attending the Launch Event on July 26, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. Getty Images

“Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star Masika Kalysha is not known for having the best relationship with the father of her child, Fetty Wap, but it looks like the two have been working on being civil with one another and could possibly be rekindling their romance.

On Wednesday, Masika shared a tweet revealing that a special someone sent her a kind message. “My baby sent me the sweetest text ever and threatened me at the end of it,” she wrote.

This tweet comes one day after Masika posted and deleted a text message she received from Fetty Wap. “I’m not asking you to take me back or forgive me… I just been sitting back watching how all these people been comin at you and how u and how you stand tall it’s so attractive n I sit back n just look at my daughter n that smile let me no it’s happiness there n I just know I love you so that’s that you have a good day,” he wrote.

“I’m in your corner don’t ever forget it even if you don’t want to or just don’t believe it,” the rapper added.

Interestingly enough, Masika’s enemy and Fetty Wap’s ex-girlfriend Alexis Skyy started following the rapper on Instagram again. On “LHHH” Season 4, Alexis has been constantly attempting to fight Masika, and the rapper’s text seemed to be calling out the attacks.

In the past, Masika and Fetty Wap haven’t had the most stable relationship. During an interview in early 2016, the star denied that he was the father of Masika’s baby, Khari Barbie Maxwell. Instead, he insisted that the two had a one night stand and that was the extent of their relationship.

“It’s really like this: I was at a party, right. I don’t even remember what party I was at. I was at a party when I first met her, and my manager is the one that made me go talk to her. I’ma just say she knew what she was doing...I wasn’t just no random dude in the club, you know what I’m sayin’? She knew I was gon’ be there,” he explained.

Although he did admit that the two had unprotected sex, he suggested that a professional athlete was most likely the father. Not long after his interview, Masika filed legal documents ordering the rapper to take a paternity test, according to TMZ.

In her documents, Masika revealed that the two were actually intimate for two weeks, during this time they had “sexual relations on numerous occasions” and that he was her only partner at the time.

When “LHHH” Season 3, which featured her pregnancy up to the delivery, aired in 2016, Masika would constantly comment on Twitter about scenes in the show between herself and Fetty Wap.

While the star admitted she was not thrilled about sharing her relationship drama on television, she insisted it was necessary due to all the rumors and false stories circulating at the time. “Talking about this on tv isn’t easy. But with all the lies in the blogs I didn’t have a choice,” she tweeted at the time.

“There’s so much that I haven’t said and will never say to protect my child. But understand that you only see and hear a small portion of what really happened between us,” she added.

“Regardless of who’s right or wrong the only 1 who’s feelings matter in this situation is my daughters. I will always put her 1st & do what’s best for her.”

For now, it seems like Masika and Fetty Wap are finally getting along which could lead to a rekindled romance or just two parents peacefully co-parenting. Either way, their child wins.