A piece of concrete from a building that tumbled to the ground after lightning stuck it.

A severe thunderstorm in Manhattan had everyone at their windows, staring at the torrential rain pouring from the sky, but rain was not the only thing falling. Bits of concrete cover the city sidewalks in Chelsea after lightning hit a building.

Someone called TVMarci posted a picture of the concrete slab with the caption, Lighting hit a building in Chelsea causing chunks of concrete to fall onto ppl below.Live report soon

The rain began in the later afternoon and thunder and lightning followed soon after. As hail began to pelt people on the streets below, Manhattan began to trend on Twitter. Soon after the term Thunder Buddies was also being talked about in the Twitterverse.

For those that are unfamiliar with the term, it's from the movie Ted that premiered in theaters couple of weeks ago. Ted, the teddy bear from the film ,and Mark Wahlberg's character sing the thunder buddy song whenever there is a storm.

The rain has subsided for now, but Mother Nature continues to trend on social networking sites, mostly due to a photograph that was taken of the storm in New York City.

The picture shows a concentrated storm, reining precipitation terror on one part of the city. The picture posted by d0057 has merited 1,866 likes and more than 200 comments.

Some people have commented on the tumultuous storm via Twitter:

Mother nature is bipolar today, tweeted @aybaybay16.

@GoldenboyFTW posted, So what was the hottest day ever is now the biggest storm ever... Way to go Mother Nature... -_-

The much-needed rain also significantly cooled down the weather. Earlier in the day temperatures rose to the high 90s, but according to Wunder Ground, the city's temperate is a comfortable 75 degrees.

Thunderstorms are expected to continue Wednesday night with a 60 percent chance, and follow into Thursday and even Friday.

Did you witness the thunderstorm today?