As the investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance continues, new details and theories have continued to come to light regarding what could have happened to the 3-year-old after being taken from her parents hotel room in Praia da Luz, Portugal, in 2007. After her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, realized their daughter was missing, police started searching for new clues that could lead them to her whereabouts. Now, following Christian Brückner's identification as the prime suspect, his former best friend is speaking out about what he believes "Christian B" could have done with Maddie.

According to The Mirror, Michael Tatschl, who was once best friends with Brückner and lived with him for a period of time, claimed that he knew that his one-time friend was involved in her disappearance. 

"I know he did it," Tatschl said, later adding, "He was a pervert and more than capable of snatching a child for sexual kicks or money." 

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Continuing, he stated that the suspect "was always bragging about money and making money and "even talked about selling kids, maybe to Morocco." Tatschl then revealed that his former roommate had also been "obsessed with the dark web" and believed that he had used it to "deal in pornography and drugs." As a result of Brückner's past behavior, he later stated that he believes an arrest is "imminent" in connection with the McCann case. 

Aside from the former friend of "Christian B" speaking out, others who previously knew him are sharing their own accounts as well. Not only has it been said that he previously "freaked out" when he heard her name mentioned, but it has additionally been stated that he has been refusing to cooperate behind the scenes.

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Other reports have also emerged in recent weeks revolving around potential evidence that could help bring a conclusion to the case that was once described as "unsolvable." While some believe "significant" evidence exists and that unexpected people could assist in the ongoing investigation, it has been theorized that Brückner himself could have had the opportunity to destroy evidence as well. 

Moving forward, it has additionally been said that police have continued to fight over a DNA sample from the McCanns' hotel room."Christian B" has also issued a statement through his attorney claiming his innocence. 

mccann 2 Kate and Gerry McCann display a poster of their missing daughter Madeleine McCann during a press conference on June 6, 2007 in Berlin, Germany. Photo: Miguel Villagran/Getty Images