A man was arrested after he killed his mother and then tried to eat her brain. The incident took place in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh on Tuesday.

The accused, identified as Sitaram Oraon, was an alcoholic who lived with his mother. The man often borrowed money from his mother to buy alcohol. On Tuesday, the woman, fed up with her son’s drinking habit, refused to give him money. The two got into an argument and in a fit of rage, Oraon struck his mother with a sharp object. He then cracked open her skull before taking the brain out. Oraon put the brain in a frying pan, however, before he could eat it, his sister-in-law arrived at home. He immediately fled the scene.

The sister-in-law informed her husband about the murder and the two filed a police complaint. A manhunt was launched and the accused was found hiding in the locality. Oraon was wearing blood-stained clothes when he was arrested. During interrogation, the man confessed to killing his mother out of anger. Police said the man was mentally unstable.

Oraon’s younger brother said he had tried to convince the accused to stop drinking several times, however, he would always start fighting with him. Following the constant fights, the younger brother moved out of his house after which the accused started living with his mother. Several charges were filed against the accused and the investigation was ongoing.

In a similar incident in the Indian state of Odisha in July, a man killed his mother after she refused to give him money to buy alcohol. Prakash Pradhan and his mother got into a fight after she refused to give him money and in a fit of rage, the accused struck his mother’s neck with an axe before fleeing. Neighbors rushed the victim to the hospital where she died during treatment.

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Representational image of police officials investigating a crime scene in Bangalore, Karnataka, in southern India, Sept. 5, 2017. MANJUNATH KIRAN/AFP/Getty Images