Cailynn Williams, 17, fills a bag of popcorn for a customer at the New Strand Theater in West Liberty
Popcorn and other snack prices drove Joshua Thompson to file a class action suit against his local AMC movie theater. REUTERS

While concession stand snacks do seem a little steep at movie theaters, most people either skip the line or suck it up and empty out their wallet on popcorn and a soda. One Michigan man decided to take a more extreme route and file a class action suit against his local AMC movie theater.

Twenty-something-year-old Joshua Thompson believes that the snack prices are out of control, and is hoping that his lawsuit will force snack prices down state-wide. Kerry Morgan, Thompson's lawyer, told the Detroit Free Press that his client got tired of being taken advantage of.

Due to high snack prices, Thompson had been bringing outside food into the theater, but ceased when management posted a note banning the outside food. This spurred the movie-goer to purchase a Coke and Goobers on his Dec. 26 visit to the theater. Thompson was outraged when his total purchase came to $8.

The plaintiff believes that the movie theater is violating the Michigan Consumer Protection Act. According to the Consumerist, Thompson is seeking refunds for all customers who were overcharged. Many consumer experts don't believe the case will make it far though, predicting it to be dismissed. Gary Victor, Eastern Michigan University business law professor told the Detroit Free Press that the case is a loser, stating that in 1999 and 2007, the Supreme Court exempted most regulated businesses from the Michigan Consumer Protection Act.

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