• Adelle Henry is fighting for her life after suffering severe brain injuries 
  • Luke Henry told the judge he was just released from a mental asylum 
  • ​The judge denied his bail application and ordered medical evaluation in prison

A 26-year-old man who kicked, punched and slammed his 60-year-old mother to ground, leaving her fighting for life, has requested the court to lock him up in prison for life.

Luke Henry from western Sydney has been charged with brutally assaulting his mother at her workplace in Mt Druitt Disability workshop, on Wednesday, said a report by 9News.

During his appearance at Mt. Druitt Local Court on Monday, Henry said he was released from a mental health facility hours before he attacked his mother, Adelle Henry.

Henry refused the lawyer assigned to his case and instead chose to represent himself. “I just want to do my jail time. I honestly don’t care if you give me life," he said. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Henry made an online appearance from Amber Laurel Correctional Centre at Emu Plains.

The court was told that Henry barged into his mother's workplace, alleging she stole money from him. In the rage, he punched and kicked the woman many times before slamming her to the ground.

Adelle hit her head on the concrete floor, suffering grave injuries to her brain and face. Police said she is fighting for her life.

Henry also assaulted her colleagues, who tried to intervene, before he fled on foot. "There were a number of other people there who suffer varying degrees of disability. A couple of them did arm themselves with some mops and a squeegee to confront him but he allegedly armed himself with a fire extinguisher and they retreated to the premises,” Mount Druitt Police Area Command Detective Chief Inspector Paul Tickner said.

Henry has been charged with causing grievous bodily harm to person with intent (domestic violence) and destroying or damaging property (domestic violence). If convicted, he could be jailed for a maximum of 25 years.

His bail application has been refused, though he claimed to be suicidal, hearing voices and hallucinating.

"“I thought she was an evil demon. . . . I walked away from the situation after I realised what I had done,” Henry said.

However, Magistrate James Gibson said Henry appeared lucid, and ordered that he be assessed by a mental health practitioner while in prison.

As he denied the bail, the magistrate pointed to the defendant's long history of violence.

"He claimed he thought his mother was a gargoyle or a demon at the time of the alleged offence. That last statement is inconsistent with the fact he sought her out and alleged she had taken all his money and spent it on drugs while he was in a mental health institution,” said Gibson.

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