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Jamie worried when her husband Doug started keeping secrets in "Married At First Sight: The First Year" Season 1, episode 8. FYI

“Married At First Sight: The First Year” Season 1, episode 8 found the husbands in very different positions. Doug Hehner was planning a proposal for Jamie Otis, but he was being very secretive. While his wife worried about what he was hiding, Cortney Hendrix was confused by her husband’s proposal. Jason Carrion said he wanted to get remarried while they were in Las Vegas, but Cortney wasn’t sure that was a good idea.

Jason And Cortney

Cortney revealed she didn’t just want to visit North Carolina. She wanted to move there for a while. Jason said he couldn’t move there because his career is in New York, and Cortney promised she would go back to New York.

“We need to get us back right and the first step is me getting back right,” Cortney explained. “And if I knew how to ask you to help me I would, but I don’t even know what to tell you to do or ask you to do other than just be patient with me please."

Jason agreed she should to do whatever she needed to do. Cortney realized she should have let him know how she was feeling much earlier. She decided that maybe getting remarried in Vegas was a good idea after all.

Her husband was excited about the wedding, but he was still concerned about their future. He admitted to his friend Neph he wasn’t really OK with Cortney’s attachment to her home state. “I feel like she’s just like ‘Well, now I’m going to run away.’ What happens if, God forbid, like anything really happens that’s really, really hard? Is she just doing to dip out to North Carolina?”

Jason didn’t want her to feel North Carolina was her only home, and Neph suggested Jason needed to show Cortney reasons to love New York. For now though, they had to enjoy their trip to Vegas and plan the wedding. Jason picked out the orange and blue suits from “Dumb & Dumber” to wear at the altar with his best man Neph. Cortney chose to stick to the classic white dress but thought Jason’s suit was hilarious.

She was happy they decided to go through with the wedding. “It was special because he still wants me walking down the aisle. I think it’s sweet,” Cortney said.

They laughed their way through their vows as Elvis married them. “Life and marriage and everything doesn’t have to be so serious,” Jason said.

When they got back to New York, Jason took Cortney on a date. She talked about some of the things she said in Vegas and admitted she was feeling very insecure about their relationship. “But I’m not going to disappear just because it gets a little hard,” she assured her husband.

“Neither am I,” Jason said.

After their trip to Vegas, they agreed their relationship was stronger than ever.


Monet Bell and Jamie went to lunch and talked about Monet’s love life. She was taking things very slow with the new man in her life. They had yet to kiss.

“I question being intimate with Vaughn on our wedding night,” Monet admitted. “If I could go back, if I could change anything, I would’ve focused on being friends first.”

Though she joined “Married at First Sight” to find a husband, Monet was no longer anxious to find the right man. She just wanted to take her time.

Jamie and Doug

Jamie went out with Doug’s mother and discussed the absence of her own mother. Mrs. Hehner was upset Jamie didn’t see her mother over the holidays and still couldn’t depend on her. “You know you have us. You always have us, and I’m so happy that you’re part of our lives,” Mrs. Hehner said.

Jamie went on her first audition for a TV hosting job with Star Shop, a mobile shopping network. She got the job, and while she was busy planning her next career move, Doug was planning a secret remarriage proposal.

While Doug was calling venues, Jamie came home. He quickly ended his conversation and started ignoring several calls on his phone. It confused Jamie, and she knew her husband was up to something. Yet she didn't think it was a surprise for her.

“The last time I caught Doug acting like this, I caught him smoking,” Jamie said. “And it was a silly, silly lie, but it’s a lie nonetheless. … I want to grow old with him, but if we can’t trust each other, if I can’t trust him, then I can’t see that happening.”

In the midst of Doug’s suspicious behavior, Jamie got a call from Star Shop and found out she had to audition again. She was a little disappointed the producers were having doubts, but she knew it wouldn’t be easy to get her first hosting gig.

After reading for three producers, someone turned on the screen and said they’d play Jamie’s audition back to her. However, a video of Doug with a ring appeared onscreen. It wasn't a real audition at all.

“Oh my god!” Jamie shouted as she started to tear up.

Doug entered the room, and Jamie immediately hugged him. “Will you remarry me?” he asked.

Of course, she was happy to agree to remarry him. “It is wild to think that at one moment I thought the experts had it wrong and this wasn’t going to work out,” Jamie said. “It felt so wrong marrying a stranger. It felt just so uncomfortable and wrong. And now, almost a year later and it feels so right and it’s so comfortable and loving.”

“Married At First Sight: The First Year” returns Tuesday, March 24 on FYI.