Prince William Prince Harry Meghan Markle and Prince Charles
Prince William, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Prince Charles at the Westminster Abbey Commonwealth day service on March 11, 2019 in London. Getty Images/Richard Pohle

Meghan Markle’s move to snub Queen Elizabeth II’s doctors only intensified the rumors claiming that the duchess is faking her pregnancy.

A recent report claimed that the Duchess of Sussex rejected Queen Elizabeth II’s doctors because she doesn’t want men in suits to oversee her delivery. However, her move only prompted her critics to continue accusing her of orchestrating a fake pregnancy.

According to Jack Elsom of Daily Mail, there’s a particular YouTube profile with over 30,000 subscribers attacking the pregnant royal. One video watched over 200,000 times claims to provide “absolute proof” of Markle duping the public.

The clip claimed that the former “Suits” star is only using a “prosthetic belly.” A number believe the conspiracy theory with one saying that it’s “disgusting” how Markle is “insulting everyone’s intelligence.”

A number of netizens also took to Twitter to discuss the same issue. Loredana Greco shared a photo and a video of Markle with her wibbly-wobbly baby bump. She insisted that the duchess is not pregnant and snubbed the Queen’s doctors because she wants to keep her moonbump and surrogate a secret.

Mia Porter joked about the issue saying that Markle would be delivering the baby herself if necessary so that there would be no witnesses.

A different user questioned Markle’s decision to turn down Her Majesty’s medical team as they are the best to look after Markle and her baby. The netizen recalled how Markle flicked her coat just to show her baby bump and continued saying that there’s a baby, she just doesn’t carry it.

Another user said that there’s an “astounding” contradiction with Markle’s choice. When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex traveled to Morocco, their entourage didn’t include medical support. There were claims saying that she would rely on the royal doctors of the king of Morocco, so it’s unbelievable that she would not work with the Queen’s medical team.

The rumors about Markle’s fake pregnancy have been making headlines for months. One netizen shared photos of Markle taken on the same day when her baby bump appeared to be of different sizes. In one photo, Markle appeared heavily pregnant, in another shot, her stomach looked flatter. The netizen concluded that Markle had a “magic baby bump.”

Prince Harry and Markle will soon welcome their firstborn since the duchess is due in the next few weeks.