Melania Trump garnered praises and criticisms, alike, because of her fashion choices. Avid followers of the First Lady of the United States admire most of her ensemble while her detractors continue to lambast her with harsh remarks. In 2016, Melania’s hairstylist revealed one thing most people do not know about her.

Mordechai Alvow, who served in the Army and Air force in Israel, moved to Los Angeles in 1989 and landed a gig doing hair for several personalities. Now, he is the personal stylist of Melania Trump, who is responsible for doing her hair for all public engagements, international trips and State Dinners. Mordechai received criticisms from his close pals and some family members for his closeness to Melania and President Donald Trump.

During an interview with, Mordechai revealed that Melania Trump acts differently whenever she is in front of the cameras. Though he described the FLOTUS as "incredible, loving, fun and great," he claimed Melania is “holding back” a little bit whenever she is on the news. “She’s much more open and soft and happy and great when there are no cameras around,” he said.

Mordechai, who also does Barron Trump’s hair, even told Refinery29, in 2018, that Melania Trump is “not like a performer.” “There is a look about her where it’s almost like she’s the mother of the public,” he said. “You want your mother to have one steady look," Mordechai added.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post shared Melania Trump was asked a very interesting question at a press conference on Monday. One reporter asked if the FLOTUS would adopt a dog for Barron. To the surprise of everyone, Melania said “no.”

Melania joined POTUS Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in honoring hero dog Conan at the White House Rose Garden. For starters, Conan is the Belgian Malinois who helped hunting ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in October. The hero dog, who was presented with a medal and a plaque for heroism, will return to the Middle East and remain on active military duty.

Before honoring Conan, Melania Trump welcomed the official White House Christmas Tree. At the time, she was sighted wearing a floral Dolce and Gabbana coat and a pair of high-heeled black boots.

Melania Trump Donald Trump's wife Melania Trump raised eyebrows with her style choice at the second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Photo: RICK WILKING/AFP/Getty Images