• Melania Trump and Barack Obama's photo resurfaces
  • Twitter users say Melania Trump looks happier with ex-POTUS Barack Obama
  • Melania and Donald Trump have a "marriage of equals"

Melania Trump’s photo smiling beside Barack Obama has resurfaced.

Melania and Obama were photographed sitting beside each other with the FLOTUS smiling at the funeral of former first lady Barbara Bush in 2018. The snap resurfaced and one Twitter user said that Melania looks happier with Obama than with her husband President Donald Trump.

“I think Melania should also congratulate #PresidentsDay2020 to Obama, since she is happier at a funeral with him than literally anywhere with Trump,” @AliciaRedd2 commented on the photo.

Several netizens shared the same observation when they saw the photo from two years ago. For them, it was a rare moment to see the first lady smile like that since for them, Melania looks stony-faced most of the time.

“Melania looks happier at a funeral than she has in ages. Wouldn’t you too if you went from being with Donald every day to sitting next to Barack? #barbarabushfuneral,” @GreatScott1991 wrote.

Steve Silberman, author of “NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity,” had the same observation. According to him, it was a very rare moment when the FLOTUS smiled like that and looked very relaxed.

“This is Melania and Obama sitting together today at former First Lady Barbara Bush's funeral. Have you ever, ever, EVER seen Melania smile like this, and look this relaxed, beside her own husband? Ever?” Silberman asked.

Meanwhile, some speculated that Trump wouldn’t like the picture.

“Melania, usually stone-faced, is seen smiling for the first time in a while next to Barack Obama. Donald is not going to like this picture. RT!” award-winning author Nathan H. Rubin said about the photo.

“Do NOT tweet this photo to @realDonaldTrump. He'll hate knowing that the first time Melania cracked a smile in years was during a quiet chat with Obama,” @bobcesca_go wrote.

Some speculate that Melania and Donald have an unhappy marriage. However, the couple said that they actually have a “marriage of equals.” The FLOTUS also understands that many magazines gossip about their relationship, but she never minds them. Melania said that she has more important matters to think about as the first lady of the country.

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