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The San Francisco Giants could make another pitch to Carlos Correa after talks with the New York Mets reportedly not going well. Tom Pennington/Getty Images


  • Carlos Correa reportedly frowns at the restructured contract that the Mets are offering
  • At least three MLB teams are interested in discussing a potential deal with Correa
  • The concern on Correa's injury history may lead to shorter-term deal offers

Carlos Correa and his camp are clueless about what the future holds with reports that the All-Star shortstop is not that amenable to the restructured contract that the New York Mets are dangling.

According to Jon Heyman of the New York Post, the 28-year-old is not open to the idea of the restructured deal.

Furthermore, an unnamed source told the scribe that the likelihood of the Mets and Correa finding common ground and working out a deal is pegged at 55%, a number that may not sit well with Mets fans.

Hence, the possibility of Correa moving forward and seeing what other teams have to offer is looming large.

Heyman added that there are at least three other teams who have been in touch with the Puerto Rican's camp after word got out that the Mets raised concerns on Correa's medical history per a report by The Athletic.

Curiously, the three MLB teams allegedly interested in discussing a possible deal with the 2017 World Series champion were not identified.

The San Francisco Giants, the same team that also raised concerns about Correa's injury history, could be one of them.

If so, a new round of renegotiations could be happening although the level of interest of Correa and his camp remains unknown.

The big issue that could impede the signing is the right ankle injury that he sustained when he was still in the minors.

This was the same issue that forced the Giants to nix the 13-year deal worth $350 million.

Correa underwent arthroscopic surgery after fracturing his right fibula and sustaining ligament damage sliding into third base as a minor leaguer in 2014.

It was the same story for the Mets who initially offered a 12-year, $315 million to the two-time All-Star.

Like the Giants, the medical concern was the issue.

Assuming efforts to find common ground with Correa bog down, the Mets could still explore a potential trade involving the Boston Red Sox for Rafael Devers.

However, questions are in the air if this would be feasible considering the organization's drive to retain prospects and build a formidable farm system.

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Carlos Correa may end up listening to other offers after he is reportedly not satisfied with the restructured pitch of the New York Mets. Bob Levey/Getty Images