Fifteen police officers in Tijuana, Mexico, have been suspended after it was discovered that the men forced a female detainee to put on a strip show for them.

A video surfaced of the men forcing the act before she was allowed to leave the precinct.

The young woman was pulled off the street along with a male companion for alleged drug possession on March 2nd.

According to El Mexicano, the paper that leaked the video, the officers told the woman the couple could avoid charges if she performed a strip tease.

The video shows the woman, slowly at first, removing her shirt while the police officers hooted and fondled her.

The Secretary of Municipal Public Security, Gustavo Huerta Martinez, announced at a press conference that one of the suspended officers is Chief of Police of La Presa Rural Manuel de la Cruz Candelaria.

Candelaria, who has already been suspended, denied his role in the video and told El Mexicano that she did the strip tease on her own.

The judge had already ordered her released since she didn't directly participate in the crime, Candelaria reportedly said. She's a woman of the night.

The fifteen officers have already been suspended, and according to Mayor Carlos Bustamente, they will likely be fired.