Bomb Iran Billboard
Iran's alleged development of nuclear weapons has proved contentious between the United States and its ally Israel. Reuters

Israel: Dr. Pepper Not Kosher

Chief Rabbinate of Israel has ordered Kashrut supervisors to remove the popular American drink Dr. Pepper from stores, because the production of the drink is not being reviewed for compatibility with Jewish dietary laws, an Israeli blogger has found.

The product has a kosher sticker on it marked Kosher KLBD (Badatz London), but it has not actually received their approval and therefore presenting it as kosher under their supervision is a serious forgery, a special warning issued by the Chief Rabbinate said.

U.S.: 'Bomb Iran' Billboard Sparks controversy

A group of anti-war activists in Utah have put up a billboard with the words Bomb Iran supposedly to create awareness among the citizens against potential war with Iran, involving Israel.

The billboard has stirred up a controversy for conveying a message which is the exact opposite of what the Bomb Iran peace activists stand for.

The creators said that the billboard was designed in such a way that people would stop and notice and probably login to the Web site out of curiosity.

The military offensive in Iraq over the past decade was based on a lie, the organization alleges. The same policymakers, lobbyists, and talking heads who encouraged our involvement in that affair are now drumming up support for another war, this one in Iran, the home page of the organization reads.

The billboard is located on I-215, north of the Maverik Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. The expenses for the upkeep of the billboard are raised through donations.


Israel: Nominations for Most Sexist Advertisement Award

The Women's International Zionist Organization, WIZO, which has been running a contest for the past four years to identify sexist elements in advertising, has announced the nominations for this year's award.

The 10 nominees are: Isracard campaign featuring London fashion gurus Trinny and Susannah who remind women to go shopping; FIX Gibor Sabrina underwear calling on women to post a picture of their breast on the company's Facebook page; AXE deodorant caption even good girls fall; Goldstar beer slogan be thankful you're a man; the Aphrodite underwear company's slogan you'll get the diamonds from your husband in two weeks; Sano Javel bleach ad in which a mother-in-law criticizes her daughter-in-law's housecleaning; Do It kitchens ad in which a woman lies in a martini glass; L'Oreal mascara ad featuring Jennifer Lopez lying on floor; Louis Vuitton bags showing a model on a car; and Proportzia cosmetic medicine chain campaign slogan, If you could only fill the decolletage of your dress.

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Morocco: Ban on Weeklies Containing Pictures of God and Prophet Mohammad

Human Rights Watch, in a letter to Moroccan Communication Minister Mustapha Khalfi, called for lifting the ban on French weeklies Le Nouvel Observateur and Le Pèlerin because they carried images of God and Prophet Mohammad, respectively, in their most recent issues. Pictorial representation of the Islamic Prophet or God is outlawed in Morocco.

Le Nouvel Observateur ran a picture taken from the animated film Persepolis showing the heroine talking to God depicted as a white-bearded man, while Le Pèlerin's special issue titled 50 Keys for Understanding Islam reproduced several Turkish and Persian miniature paintings from the 16th through 18th centuries depicting Mohammad with his face hidden.

This ban violates the right of Moroccans to read - or not to read - publications of their choosing, only months after they approved a new constitution that is supposed to guarantee freedom of expression and press freedom, said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch.