Carla Baron
Psychic Carla Baron

There have been several twists and turns in the case of missing infant Lisa Irwin, since the little girl was reported missing from her Kansas City home on Oct. 4.

Several people believe she may have died by now, while others believe she was abducted and a few others think she was killed by a family member.

However, a new revelation awaits; this one, by yet another psychic, Carla Baron, who, in an exclusive interview with Gather News, suggested the child was safe and happy.

I sense this child is alive. Those victims abducted, especially so young and precious, to still be alive after this length of time - it's very rare. But Baby Lisa is being loved, and cherished, nurtured, cared for ... this I do see. The couple loves her so. Yes, a serious crime has been committed here. Not saying this is right or fair for the family from which she was taken, but karmic ... perhaps. I psychically sensed that Elizabeth Smart was also alive one month after her disappearance - recounted in detail about it on a morning radio program here in Los Angeles. Like I said, it is rare. But blissful when proven to be true, Carla told Gather News.

Baron was featured on Psychic Hollywood: The Search For Truth on E! and History Channel's MysteryQuest series.