For over a year, police have been attempting to piece together what happened to Jennifer Dulos following her May 24, 2019, disappearance. In the subsequent months, many considered whether her estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, and his former girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, could reveal new information about the New Canaan, Connecticut resident's whereabouts. Now, following a lengthy investigation, Troconis has been faced with an unexpected setback as the ongoing case continues. 

Christopher Hug, an attorney serving as the administrator of Fotis' estate following his Jan. 30 death by suicide, has successfully prevented Troconis from retrieving items from the Jefferson Crossing property, according to the Stamford Advocate. This latest development countered a previous decision that stated she could, in fact, take control of her assets. 

Previously, both parties had lived together at the residence for four years. However, Troconis had unexpectedly moved out in 2019

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Court documents that were filed on Wednesday stated that her attorney, Jon Schoenhorn, believes that Hug's "extraordinary steps to interfere" with her ability to retrieve her belongings should result in his removal as administrator. This, said Schoenhorn, interferes with the "orderly and lawful transfer" of her property and creates "unnecessary and almost ludicrous hurdles" without justification.

As for what his client is seeking, Schoenhorn stated that she wants to retrieve a weight bench worth $283, glasses from Home Goods, and items belonging to her daughter, including Legos and video games. Despite his efforts, Hug has refused to release the weight bench, even though Troconis has provided proof that she purchased it with her own Amazon account. 

Additionally, she was also informed that if she hopes to get back furniture that may be at the location that she would have to have to be granted permission from the real estate agent who is selling the property. Schoenhorn’s court documents also indicate that Hug instructed the agent to immediately "shut down" such efforts. 

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Aside from the new development in the Dulos case, other steps have also been taken in recent months. Not only has it been said that Fotis' legal team could file "malicious" lawsuits, but family members have broken their silence to make a specific request as well. Additionally, Norm Pattis, who once represented Fotis, also revealed why he will no longer comment on the case moving forward. 

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