May 24 will mark the one-year anniversary of Jennifer Dulos' disappearance. Following the last time that the New Canaan, Connecticut, resident was seen, suspicion turned towards both her then-husband, Fotis Dulos, and his girlfriend at the time, Michelle Troconis. Now, Fotis' former lawyer, Norm Pattis, has revealed why he will no longer be publicly speaking about the case moving forward following Fotis' death by suicide in January

Prior to his death, Fotis had been charged with murder, kidnapping, evidence tampering, and hindering prosecution pertaining to Jennifer's disappearance. At that time, Troconis had also been charged with conspiracy to commit murder, evidence tampering, and hindering prosecution regarding the mother of five's whereabouts. 

According to CT Insider, Pattis has decided to stop speaking about the case as a result of a request from Fotis' estate. 

"Fotis’ estate now controls anything related to Fotis,” the attorney said, adding, "They have asked me not to comment. So I am silent."  

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Leading up to the new statement, Pattis had had a long history with his former client due to various issues that arose regarding his wife's whereabouts. Not only had he argued that Fotis' gag order been unfair, but he had also served as legal representation for him as they had previously pushed for court dates and addressed issues surrounding his court-ordered GPS system. Prior to the recent decision, Pattis had also indicated that he had previously wanted to continue working to prove Fotis' innocence as well.

Following his suicide, other reports indicated that subsequent steps had then taken place as the parties involved began to move forward. After a new search warrant was issued pertaining to his residence, it was also said that attorneys had started to wrangle over his assets. Later, his family then broke their silence and asked for new evidence to be released.

As for Troconis, her attorney, Jon Schoenhorn, also recently spoke out about certain things that allegedly took place during her interrogation. He then stated that he believes there are "likely hundreds of additional witness statements and investigative police reports" that have yet to be released. At press time, it remains unclear when she will return to court for her next appearance. 

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