On Thursday, Fotis Dulos was declared dead after a suicide attempt at his Farmington home on Tuesday. The news followed murder and kidnapping charges that were filed against him regarding the May 24 disappearance of his estranged wife, Jennifer Dulos. Previously, he and his former girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, were also charged with evidence tampering and hindering prosecution.

Now, following his death, his attorney, Norm Pattis, has spoken about his client's passing and what's next.

According to the Stamford Advocate, Fotis died at Jacobi Medical Center in New York, while he was surrounded by friends, family, and his legal team. However, it has been confirmed that he penned a letter that proclaimed his innocence prior to his suicide attempt. 

Following his former client's death, Pattis revealed that he is committed to working with Fotis' family in order to prove his innocence. 

"The family is adamant that his name be cleared," the attorney stated, adding that he has intentions of filing an "unusual motion." Per the outlet, the move will include having Fotis "replaced as a defendant by his estate to make the state show its hand in the case."

Previously, legal trouble had continued to follow him as investigators searched for the New Canaan, Connecticut resident. After discovering discarded cleaning supplies and bloody clothing last August, law enforcement also found alibi scripts at Fotis' residence. After raised suspicions, he was then ordered to wear a GPS monitoring system and adhere to a gag order

Leading up to his suicide attempt, new evidence had continued to emerge as well, including previously-unreleased voicemails and his "allegedly violent relationship" with Jennifer outlined in search warrants.

Moving forward, Pattis said he plans to "proceed on as if he were alive to vindicate him."

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