Following Jennifer Dulos' May 24, 2019, disappearance, many have been searching for information that could lead to the New Canaan, Connecticut resident's whereabouts. As a result, prior to his Jan. 30 death by suicide, Fotis Dulos, Jennifer's estranged husband, had been looked at as a suspect, along with his former girlfriend, Michelle Troconis. Previously, Fotis had faced a range of charges pertaining to his potential role in the mother of five's disappearance, including murder, kidnapping, evidence tampering, and hindering prosecution.

Now, Superior Court Judge Cesar Noble has determined that Jennifer's mother, Gloria Farber, is entitled to $2M from Fotis' estate due to the apparent fabrication of evidence. 

According to the Stamford Advocate, Monday's ruling stated that Farber should be paid the substantial amount due to the fact that Fotis appeared to have manipulated evidence to use in the lawsuits that she had previously filed against him. 

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As stated by the publication, his ruling "pointedly discredited Fotis Dulos’ testimony during the two-day civil trial in December when he testified that his father-in-law, Hillard Farber, forgave the business loans before he died in 2017." Previously, Farber's attorney, Richard Weinstein, had requested a review of Fotis' "personal accounts and his company's books."

Additionally, the six-page decision stated that Fotis "fabricated checks entered as evidence to make it appear that he repaid large sums of the loans from the Farbers to his high-end real estate business, Fore Group." He also noted that Fotis had reimbursed himself from company funds for vacations with Troconis and failed to keep records of which costs were "legitimate business expenses." 

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Prior to the ruling, Fotis had faced other legal hurdles throughout the investigation as well. Throughout the past year, he had been in and out of court for a range of reasons, including causing problems with a GPS monitoring system and being ordered to adhere to a gag order. Additionally, he had also been accused of funneling money and reports had stated that he had dismantled a memorial that had been set up in Jennifer's honor.

Weinstein spoke about Fotis' estate after the ruling.

"Justice has been done,” he said, adding, "I am very appreciative of the judge’s analysis of the evidence."

As for the current status of his estate, following his death, it was said that attorneys had started to wrangle over his assets. Other reports also indicated that "malicious" lawsuits could later be filed and Norm Pattis, who once served as Fotis' lawyer, revealed why he won't be discussing the case moving forward

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