On Monday, Fotis Dulos was officially charged with murder and kidnapping pertaining to Jennifer Dulos' May 24 disappearance. His former girlfriend Michelle Troconis and one-time attorney Kent Mawhinney have also been charged with conspiracy to commit murder regarding the mother of five's whereabouts. Previously, Fotis and Troconis were charged with evidence tampering and hindering prosecution.

Leading up to the new developments, police revealed that they had discovered various pieces of evidence that led them to secure the official charges, including "zip ties smeared with Jennifer Farber Dulos’ blood." These were highlighted in an arrest warrant affidavit that was publicly released earlier this week.

Now, a new report has indicated what's next in the ongoing murder investigation.

According to WFSB, there is still a lot left to be uncovered as officials move forward. "Absolutely, they're still investigating. You know you see a TV show and an arrest is made, and you think that's the end of it. The show is over, case closed. That's not the case. There is still a lot more work to do," stated Retired State Police LT. J. Paul Vance.

Continuing, he discussed the fact that Jennifer's body has not yet been recovered. "I think it's frustrating that hasn't been discovered yet. We haven't been able to answer that question yet, but I think the investigators haven't given up. They're working."

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The newest charges followed a lengthy investigation and numerous legal hurdles for both Dulos and Troconis. In 2019, Dulos was ordered to obey a gag order, which his attorney, Norm Pattis, said restricted his client's ability to properly defend himself at the time. He had also been back in court on various dates to address issues with his GPS monitoring system and face a civil suit brought against him by Jennifer's mother, Gloria Farber.

As for Troconis, she had previously been accused of abusing her Fifth Amendment privileges during a 45-minute deposition and had additionally moved out of the Farmington home she once shared with Dulos.

Many expected Dulos, Troconis, and Mawhinney to post their bonds Thursday morning. Dulos' was previously set at $6 million. Troconis' had initially been set at $2 million but had subsequently been reduced to $1.5, while Mawhinney's has continued to be set at $2 million. However, as reported by Fox61, Dulos may be unable to post his because of "continued obstacles."

Each is expected to return to court next month. At this time, Troconis's date is set for Feb. 7, Mawhinney's is scheduled for Feb. 20, and Dulos will appear on Feb. 28.

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