Zareh Manjikian, who is suspected of killing a North Hollywood teen after a text message dispute, has been arrested in Van Nuys.

Manjikian is accused of killing 19-year-old Mike Yepremyan in November of 2009 in a parking lot in North Hollywood.

Yepremyan had texted that bitch to his girlfriend Denielle about a girl she was hanging out with, whom he didn't get along with. When that girl, named Kat, saw the message, she got angry and threatened to beat have Mike beaten.

Hours later he was dead.

The 23-year-old suspect was arrested in Puerto Rico in May, but a judge ignored a request to hold him without bail, and had released Manjikian on $50,000 bond, infuriating Los Angeles authorities.

Manjikian has been on the run and was nowhere to be found since.

A federal fugitive task force arrested him today and is in U.S. custody, according to LAPD's Thomas Townsend.