A mystery creature is haunting Texas and New Mexico. One witness has described it like a monkey while others say it is a chimpanzee.

Police have not yet designated its identity preferring to say anything is possible at this point. Its presence is spreading a lot of anxiety.

The unidentified creature has been spotted in Santa Fe repeatedly where one witness claimed they saw the animal trying to snatch a cat.

The alarms went up on early Monday when a woman, Patricia de la Mora called the police saying she had seen some primate causing chaos on the corner of 24th and East Bellaire. This is toward the southwest parts of the city.

She had been woken up past midnight by the storm and after urging her husband to look out the window when she heard strange noises; she got out of bed and opened the curtains. That was when she saw the creature and became terrified.

She described it as a big monkey. She said she did not have time to get to her phone but just stood at the bedroom window stunned by what she was seeing.

She described its behavior as curious because it was evidently looking for something. It looked here and there, and she closed the curtain. She did not want the thing to see her.

When authorities arrived at her home, the creature had long vanished. In spite of a long search, all trace of the animal was gone.

This was not the only time it would rear its head though. The following day police got a similar report from the same part of the city from a woman who claimed she had spent at least 20 minutes hiding out in her vehicle.

She told news outlets that a monkey had just tried to attack her while she was checking her mail.

Police resumed searching for any physical evidence of the monkey, but it was in vain. There is some credibility to the claims because several residents in the area have reported on social media saying they had seen a monkey.

One person even said the monkey attacked their child and tried to kidnap them. Authorities are saying they have not been able to confirm any of the sightings though they have acknowledged they could be true.

Though, TV reporters and primate teams have been deployed to the area. Law enforcement has gone an extra step and flown drones around the city to cover more ground in hopes of spotting the creature.

Primate Pixabay