A UFO expert claimed that NASA’s satellite photo of the Sun showed a cube-shaped alien vessel with a very distinct appearance flying near the giant star. Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time the UFO expert saw the cube-like objects.

According to Scott Waring of ET Data Base, he spotted the objects through the photos taken and shared by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), a satellite operated by NASA and the European Space Agency.

In the image referenced by Waring, the cube-shaped object can be seen near the upper left side of the Sun. Aside from its shape, another interesting characteristic of the object is the patterns on its body. Close-up images of the object revealed that the patterns are geometrical in nature.

Based on the photo, the object appears to be very large due to its size in relation to that of the Sun. It is also possible that the object was very close to the satellite when the image was taken, which made it look more massive.

Regardless of its exact size, the object does not look like natural. It doesn’t resemble any natural objects that can be commonly spotted in space such as comets or solar flares.

Instead, the object looks very mechanical, which led Waring to conclude that the object is an alien vessel. Since SOHO photos taken on different dates showed the same object, Waring said the cube-like ship most likely visits the Sun on a regular basis.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Waring came across cube-like objects in space, which he often compared to the Borg ships featured in the “Star Trek” media franchise.

Earlier in July, he spotted several cube-shaped objects while using Google Sky, which features an interactive map of the universe using images provided by various space agencies.

Due to their geometrical shapes, Waring concluded that the objects were artificial. He said that they could be massive alien bases that were operated by a race of highly-advanced alien beings. He also noted that since the objects looked identical to one another, it is possible that they came from the same alien race or planet.

Solar material that reaches Earth, such as after a solar flare like this one, can disturb our planet’s magnetic fields. NASA