• A UFO expert claimed to have spotted pyramids on Mars
  • Images of the pyramids were taken by NASA's Curiosity rover
  • The expert believes a race of ancient aliens built the pyramids

A UFO expert claimed to have spotted two intact ancient alien pyramids on Mars. The size of the pyramids coincides with the expert’s previous theories regarding the aliens that once lived on the Red Planet.

The report regarding the alleged pyramids was made by Scott Waring of ET Data Base. He spotted the objects as he was browsing the images on the website Midnight Planets, which features photos taken during NASA’s missions on Mars.

One of the photos that caught Waring’s attention was captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover during its first month on Mars. According to details of the photo, the image was taken by the agency’s robotic rover on SOL 23, which is equivalent to Aug. 29, 2012, on Earth.

The image mainly features Mars’ vast landscape. However, after closely examining the photo, Waring said he spotted two small pyramids on the ground.

According to the expert, the alleged structures may have been built by an ancient race of aliens on Mars. Although the alleged pyramids look old in the photo, they are still intact.

Waring also noted that the two structures had doorways in front of them. Based on the image, Waring estimated that the two pyramids are only a few meters tall. Due to its size, Waring noted that the structures were most likely used by small alien creatures.

“Both pyramids are close to one another and they both have entrances facing the NASA rover camera,” he stated in a blog post. “They look ancient but has survived the test of time. Both pyramids are about three meters tall by five meters wide. A smaller species than us humans for sure, but intelligent species.”

Waring’s comment regarding the height of the pyramid’s inhabitants coincides with his previous theory regarding the alien civilizations on Mars. In a blog post he shared last year, Waring claimed to have spotted a small doorway on a rock on Mars.

According to Waring, the doorway looked to be about less than a meter tall. These could mean that the alien creatures that use this structure could only be about a couple of centimeters tall.

SOL 23
This image was taken by MAST_LEFT onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 23 (2012-08-29T20:26:24.000Z) NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS