• National Licorice Day is celebrated every April 12
  • More than just the candy we know today, licorice's history goes way back
  • Below are some suggestions on how to celebrate National Licorice Day

Licorice lovers may have an excuse to snack on their favorite treat Monday as it marks National Licorice Day.

Licorice International and the National Confectioners Association established April 12 as National Licorice Day in 2004, National Day Calendar said. It is a day to celebrate everything about the treat, from its special flavor to its history and even health benefits.

Made from the licorice plant, licorice has a long history that goes way back to the ancient Egyptians. According to Days of the Year, even King Tutankhamun enjoyed it. Some famous historical figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte were believed to have consumed licorice for its health benefits.

However, it was only in the 17th century that licorice was made into candies. People in Holland (now the Netherlands) first started using them. Now, licorice is made and enjoyed in many parts of the world.

On this National Licorice Day, let's look at some of the ways people can celebrate the occasion, courtesy National Day Calendar, DOTY, Healthline and Holidays Calendar.

Enjoy licorice candy in a new way

Black licorice is the original flavor many people know, but it actually also comes in other flavors. On this day, why not try the other flavors such as cherry or strawberry? Or perhaps try chocolate-covered licorice candies or chew on licorice-flavored gum.

Licorice International also offers 160 different types of licorice from different parts of the world, including a "licorice chalk" that has a mint-flavored shell and black licorice-flavored caramels.

Try other licorice-flavored treats

Apart from licorice candies, National Licorice Day is also the perfect occasion to try out other licorice-flavored treats. Licorice-flavored cookies or ice cream sound quite good for the occasion, and those who are a little adventurous can even try baking a licorice-flavored cake.

Learn its other names

Logophiles can take "licorice" as the word of the day and look for its names in other parts of the world. For instance, people in Canada and the U.S. know the treat as licorice, but it's actually spelled "liquorice" in the U.K., Holidays Calendar said. In Italy, it's known as "liquirizia" while people in Germany call it "Lakritze."

Learn more about its health benefits

Licorice's history of being used to treat ailments goes way back. In ‎Egyptian, Chinese and Middle Eastern tradition, for instance, licorice drink was used to help soothe an upset stomach and treat respiratory issues.

Even today, it's being used for conditions such as acid reflux and heartburn. Some licorice topical gels also claim to help treat issues such as eczema or acne, Healthline said.

Those who like a more traditional experience can choose to try a licorice tea to mark the occasion, although large doses of it can lead to adverse effects.

Pictured: Representative image of candies, including licorice. Shirley Hirst/Pixabay