Before Game Two of their Western Conference semifinals series with the San Antonio Spurs, the Portland Trail Blazers found a snake inside their locker room at AT&T Center.

Forward Thomas Robinson opened his locker to discover the black and white snake and was completely shocked.

“I just put my shoes down and once I put my shoes down I double looked and I seen a snake sitting there,” Robinson said to the Blazers website. “After that, I got away from it. I just seen something curled up and I looked again and it was a snake. No one believed me until they looked in there. It hissed, I backed up.”

“Man, me and Thomas at our lockers as usual,” Blazers guard Will Barton said. “We’re changing and he goes to put his shoes down and he’s like ‘What the …?’ You know what he said. He’s like ‘There’s a snake under my locker dog!’ And I’m like ‘Stop playing.’ He’s like ‘No for real! A real snake!’ And we just looked under there and there was a snake. I was scared!”

Blazers veteran guard Mo Williams snapped the above picture and posted it to his Instagram account.

Spurs guard and sharpshooter Danny Green is known as a snake collector, and Barton told ESPN that Green is the “No. 1 suspect” for the supposed prank.

Arena security later corralled the snake, which sported the same colors as the Spurs, and set it free unharmed.

The Blazers originally believed the snake to be a venomous rattle snake, but a spokesperson for the Spurs would later confirm that it was not a deadly rattler.

There are 15 types of venomous snakes that call the state of Texas home, as well as four different families, but luckily for the Blazers and Robinson none were inside their locker room.

The adrenaline surge seemed to help the Blazers in the first quarter of Game Two, but it wore off and San Antonio used a 41-point second quarter to stomp Portland 114-97 and take a 2-0 advantage as the series heads to the Northwest.