Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros will now have Valve’s Portal guns
Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros will now have Valve’s Portal guns Nintendo Mario Media (Stabyour

Super Mario Bros, the very addictive side-scrolling videogame with its most entertaining, unforgettable elements and levels of play, created by Nintendo, has been endowed with another addition. In a recent development, Valve Corporation's Portal -- a unique gameplay known for its dark, deadpan humor and the award-winning portal gun -- has teamed up with Nintendo's Super Mario Bros to launch a new version of the game called Mari0.

Currently under development, Mari0 will focus on perfectly imitating the feel of the 1985 classic, but would arm Mario with a portal gun. The game-supporting features would also include puzzle game mechanics from Portal additions, such as a built-in level editor, hats and a host of other extras and simultaneous online multiplayer systems with a four-player coop, so that Mario Brothers can play together.

Here's the complete list of additions:

Complete recreation of SMB

Elements from Portal

Portal gun that shoots portals

Four-player simultaneous coop

Level editor that was used to create the levels in the game

33 different hats

Downloadable Mappacks

Game modifiers for extra fun

The soon to be presented video game is being developed by a European two-man team gaming studio. According to a news report, the developers have informed that when the game is complete, Mari0 would be released totally free of charge and as an open-source software for Windows, Mac and Linux machines. The release date for the to-be-free game is yet to be revealed, but, the official Web site of the gaming studio, conveyed that it should be ready within a few months.

As the game starts, the clouds and bushes of the Mushroom Kingdom sway past - but a closer look at Mari0 - and players will see Nintendo's portly plumber armed with a Portal gun. Check it out in the teaser video below:

Further if you wish to download the still being developed Mari0, click here.