• Mining can be automated by using extractors or mining units
  • Mineral Extractors do not require manual refueling
  • Use Supply Depots to increase Mineral Extractor inventory capacities

Mining is one of the core activities in "No Man's Sky." It's one of the primary ways of getting new usable materials from terrestrial sources.

Most of the time, players will have to manually dig up minerals from the earth using their multi-tool. However, there is a way to automate this process by building a dedicated mining base above a mineral-rich plot of land.

Automating the mining process can free up tons of time and let players explore the rest of the game's procedurally-generated galaxy. Here's how to do it.

Required Tech and Blueprints

There are two options to choose from when it comes to automated mining: players can either use a Mineral Extractor or an Autonomous Mining Unit (AMU).

Both can be placed on any mineral deposit and they perform the same function. However, the Mineral Extractor can be hooked up to a power source, while the AMU needs to be manually refueled every time.

Setting up a mining base

Ideally, players will want to use Mineral Extractors for automated mining simply because it doesn't need to be constantly re-fueled (assuming that their main power source is self-sustaining).

First, get the Mineral Extractor blueprint from the Space Anomaly's Construction Research Station and its requisite materials. Then, locate a Deep-Level Mineral Deposit on any planet by using the Analysis Visor with the Survey Device upgrade.

Once a deposit has been located, build an Extractor on top of it and connect it to a power source like a Biofuel Reactor or a network of Solar Panels.

After wiring the Mineral Extractor to its power source, it will begin harvesting resources automatically. It will continue to do so until it runs out of storage space or its power source somehow dies.

To make automated mining more efficient, unlock the Supply Depot blueprint from the Space Anomaly and place it somewhere on the mining outpost. Connect it to the Mineral Extractor using Supply Pipes, and it will automatically move everything in the extractor's inventory to its own.

Take note that putting several extractors over a single deposit will yield diminishing returns, so it might be worth making several mining bases instead.

No Man's Sky - Mineral Extractor
The Mineral Extractor blueprint is available from the Space Anomaly's research terminal - NMS No Man's Sky