The Colossus Exocraft is a heavy-duty rig meant for cargo and mining operations - No Man's Sky
The Colossus Exocraft is a heavy-duty rig meant for cargo and mining operations Hello Games


  • Activated Indium is an extremely lucrative mineral
  • Resources are best sold to traveling ship captains on freighters or stations
  • An Indium Drive is required to reach blue galaxies
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Activated Indium is arguably the best way to make money in "No Man's Sky." It beats the other resources like Cobalt and Chlorine in terms of price per unit, but it is also a little more complicated to get.

Even though making money with Activated Indium was nerfed in the past, it's still a very efficient way to earn Units passively while players explore unknown bits of the game's universe.

Here's how to set up an Activated Indium farm in "No Man's Sky."

Mandatory Tech and Blueprints

First, players will need to get an Indium Drive for their starship from Iteration Hyperion in the Space Anomaly. This will also require players to get the prior starship hyperdrive upgrades and explore the other galaxies that are unreachable with normal ships.

Next, the Mineral Extractor, Supply Pipe and Supply Depot blueprints are required to set up an automated mining outpost, which will allow for passive and unsupervised mining. This also needs some sort of power generator like Solar Panels.

Lastly, make sure the Survey Device upgrade is installed on the multi-tool.

No Man's Sky - Indium Drive
The Indium Drive blueprint can be bought from Iteration Hyperion from the Space Anomaly No Man's Sky

Where to find Activated Indium

Activated Indium only appears on planets inside Blue Systems, which can be detected on the Galaxy Map. These systems can only be reached if an Indium Drive is installed in a ship. Additionally, players will have to get the Cadmium and Emeril Drives first in order to unlock and install an Indium Drive.

Once a planet with Activated Indium is located, players will have to land and scan the environment for deposits using the Survey Device. The most ideal deposits are ones that are above a sizable piece of flat land in order to make building on top of it easier.

After this, players can set up an automated mining facility with power generators, Mineral Extractors and Supply Depots. The amount of Indium that extractors can get per hour depends on the class of the Indium deposit they are harvesting. This can be seen by inspecting it with the Survey Device.

Remember that building several Mineral Extractors on top of a single deposit results in diminishing returns. However, up to three extractors can be constructed without missing out on too many minerals.

No Man's Sky - Space Anomaly
The Space Anomaly has a host of helpful NPCs and research stations - NMS Hello Games