Belgium attack
Police officers surround a dead body at the Place Saint Lambert square where they say Nordine Amrani threw explosives in the city center of the Belgian city of Liege. Reuters

Belgian authorities are uncertain if Nordine Amrani, the man suspected of carrying out the Liege grenade attacks, committed suicide.

But witnesses have said that Amrani shot himself in the head after the attack, according to Reuters.

Liege Prosecutor Danielle Reynders has told the media that Amrani is accused of throwing three grenades and opening fire that resulted in the death of himself and three others. Police are still investigating whether Amrani killed himself.

Authorities said Amrani, 33, had more grenades on him.

The others reported dead are a 15-year-old boy, a 17-year-old girl and a 75-year-old woman. Reports are that a 75 people were wounded in the incident.

The horrific incident began around 12:30 p.m. Tuesday and witnesses have told the media that they heard four explosions and gun fire.

The attacks reportedly started near a bus stop at Place Saint Lambert, which is a central shopping area, according to Reuters. An annual Christmas market was taking place and the main courthouse is located in that area.

Authorities are still uncertain what Amani's motives for the killings were.

However, it has been reported that justice officials did summon Amrani to show up for questioning regarding prior drugs and illegal guns convictions.

Belgian news site said Amrani is an author who was sentenced to 58 months in prison for possession of weapons and cultivation of cannabis plants.

Reynders told the media that Amrani had no history of terrorist acts.

Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo has travelled to the city and has expressed his horror about the incident.

The Belgium king and queen also planned to visit the city, Reuters reported.

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Nordine Amrani's Liege, Belgium Attack Death Toll 6, Injury Count 123