A close-up view of a gold Christmas tree at the Ginza Tanaka store in Tokyo, Nov. 21, 2016. REUTERS/Toru Hanai

The man suspected of casually walking off with $1.6 million worth of gold in a bucket he took from the back of an armored truck in New York City earlier this year is apparently more than just a lucky guy who happened upon an unattended fortune.

Julio Nivelo, who the New York City Police Department listed as a suspect in that September heist, has snatched riches from folks on the street at least seven other times this year, DNA Info reported Thursday. That includes boxes of clothing, jewelry and other undisclosed items. He was caught just once by a driver while attempting to make off with high-end Jimmy Choo shoes, which he dropped when he was yelled at.

The spree began on May 6 in Manhattan’s Upper East Side neighborhood when he took off with some merchandise just after 2 p.m. He continued to steal things on-and-off until Sept. 29, when he came across an 86-pound bucket of gold flakes in midtown Manhattan.

“These are only the cases we know of” involving Nivelo, a law enforcement source said. Nivelo has been made a career and living off of stealing stuff over the past 20 years, the source said. That is, he’s been stealing when he’s not in jail or being deported home. “Who knows how many are out there we don’t know about,” the source added.

Authorities announced earlier this week that Nivelo had likely fled across the country to Southern California following the heist.

A video of the heist shows a man walking up to the back of a truck in broad daylight before grabbing a bucket and scurrying off. Later footage captured by a security camera showed the man putting the bucket down to take a quick breather before grabbing it and casually walking across the street. The guard reportedly didn’t immediately notice that the bucket was missing.