Chinese officials and nationals are infuriated over doping allegations involving the 16-year old swimming superstar Ye Shiwen.

These allegations came after Ye won the women's 400-meter individual medley on Saturday and the 200-meter IM race on Tuesday. She won the gold medal in Saturday's 400-meter race, where she swam the last lap in 28.93 seconds, a split second faster than American swimmer Ryan Lochte posted in the last leg of the men's race, the Associated Press reported.

She was later cleared of using banned substances by the World Doping Agency. "She's clean. That's the end of the story," Colin Moynihan, chairman of the British Olympic Association, told ABC news, announcing the test results.

The controversy began Monday when John Leonard, the executive director of the World Swimming Coaches Association, described Ye's win as "unbelievable, according to London's Guardian newspaper. "One thing I will say is that history in our sport will tell you that every time we see something -- and I will put quotation marks around this -- 'unbelievable', history shows us that it turns out later on there was doping involved."

USA Swimming issued a statement, distancing itself from Leonard's comments. "John Leonard is not an employee, representative or spokesperson for USA Swimming, nor is he a member of the U.S. Olympic swim team or part of the U.S. delegation."

A Chinese state-run newspaper, Global Times wrote in an editorial, "The West still judges China with an old mentality, and is petty about the progress China makes." The state broadcast station CCTV also jumped in and supported Ye in the noon newscast.

The head of the Chinese swimming team at the Olympics seemed upset by the allegations and told Xinhua, the state's news agency. "If there are suspicions, then please lay them out using facts and data. Don't use your own suspicions to knock down others. This shows lack of respect for athletes and for Chinese swimming."

After her name was cleared, Ye told the China News Service on Monday night, "My results come from hardworking and training. The Chinese people have clean hands."