• "One Piece" 1062 is set to roll out on October 11
  • The early spoilers could surface online sometime between Wednesday and Thursday
  • "One Piece" full summary and raw scans could become available sometime between Thursday and Friday

"One Piece" 1062 is still a few days away since the manga is currently on hiatus, but several clues from the previous chapter may have suggested what the upcoming manga installment would be about.

"One Piece" 1062 may reveal the Straw Hats forming an alliance with no less than Jewelry Bonney, just like the one they forged with Trafalgar Law. This means fans will see more of Bonney in the upcoming chapters of the series.

It may be recalled that in the Punk Hazard arc, Luffy and Law made an alliance to bring down the Emperors of the Sea. Law, in the last part of the Wano arc, terminated this alliance even if technically it was not fully consumed since Shanks and Blackbeard are still yonkos.

In this latest arc, fans would most likely learn more about Jewelry Bonney's backstory, her connection with Kuma, and the genius scientist Vegapunk. In the previous chapter, a lady appeared before Luffy and some of his crew, claiming she was the famed scientist.

However, some fans are not convinced that the woman is the genius scientist himself since earlier hints suggested Vegapunk is a man. Instead, they considered her a prototype of one of the scientists' many inventions.

Many fans believe that Bonney's appearance in the manga could be the key to solving some mysteries, one of which is what happened to Kuma. During the Reverie, Bonney was in Marie Geoise and disguised herself as an old lady to get into the haven of the Celestial Dragons.

As to why she was there is anybody's guess. Eiichiro Oda, the creator of the series, did not reveal in the manga why Bonney is in the area close to Vegapunk's hideout. However,

This triggered speculations within the fandom that Bonney could be Kuma's daughter, as justified by her concern for the character during the Reverie when she saw him being used as a horse by a Celestial Dragon. But, then again, since nothing about Bonney or her father or Vegapunk has been released yet, fans should temper their expectations and take the latest information as highly speculative at this stage.

"One Piece" 1062 is scheduled to release on October 11. Fans can expect its early spoilers sometime between Wednesday and Thursday and its raw scans and full summary between Thursday and Saturday.

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