Queen Elizabeth II got annoyed by misbehaving canines when she visited Wallis Simpson and her dying uncle Edward.

Channel 5's "Elizabeth Our Queen's" episode on Tuesday documented the monarch's visit to Paris in 1972. Queen Elizabeth II decided to visit her uncle Edward who was dying of cancer. The Duke of Windsor was abdicated of the throne after choosing to marry Simpson.

Since Edward was on his bed, Her Majesty spent time with Simpson. The queen and the Duchess of Windsor had a great time until the latter's dogs misbehaved and annoyed the monarch.

"She called in and had tea with the Duchess of Windsor," royal historian Hugo Vickers said (via Express). "The dogs jumped up and that rather annoyed the Queen because the Queen doesn’t like badly behaved dogs."

"And they talked about anything and everything except the one thing that was on everybody’s minds, the poor man dying in his room upstairs," Vickers added.

According to Vickers, the monarch went up to see her uncle. Edward rose from his bed with great difficulty to give his bow to the monarch. "She was his Queen now, as well as his niece, and it meant a great deal to him that she paid him this final courtesy," the historian explained.

After 10 days, Edward died. During the funeral, Queen Elizabeth II showed nothing but kindness to Simpson. In fact, the monarch reportedly asked the Queen Mother to join her at the graveside as an act of reconciliation.

The Queen Mother, Edward and Simpson were reportedly at odds. When Edward gave up his throne to marry Simpson, the unprepared King George VI took over. The Queen Mother felt that the sudden huge responsibility contributed to his husband's death.

Edward's bags of exhaustion under his eyes were gone after stepping out from the throne. "Yes," the Queen Mother bitterly said on a BBC documentary "Royal Wives at War". "Who has the lines under his eyes now?"

Meanwhile, unlike Edward and Simpson's love story, Prince Harry and Markle's romance is warmly welcomed by the public. The royal family and the crowd are very welcoming and supportive of the divorced American actress, who has a similar background to Simpson.

"The seismic change in social attitudes over the past decades has been mirrored in the way the announcement of Harry's engagement to Meghan, an American divorcee, was met with such enthusiasm and with no dissenting voices," Richard Fitzwilliams explained.

Fitzwilliams added that Prince Harry's succession to the throne also made a difference. The Duke is currently fifth-in-line and is unlikely to be the next king. Meanwhile, Edward was the current monarch when he started dating Simpson, who was soon to be divorced twice at that time.

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II was annoyed during one visit to Wallis Simpson and uncle Edward. Pictured: Queen Elizabeth II sits at a desk in the 1844 Room at Buckingham Palace, as she records her Christmas Day broadcast to the Commonwealth at Buckingham Palace, London. Getty Images/Sky News