Outward - Blue Sand Armor
The Blue Sand Armor is one of the best options available early in the game Outward


  • Buffs like Enrage and Focus are great for aggressive melee builds
  • Some skills consume buffs when used
  • Most skills are obtained from trainers in towns

Passive and active skills round up "Outward's" stamina-based combat system by offering different ways to deal damage against the enemy's HP and stagger meters. Active abilities, in particular, are very useful when directly fighting someone or something in the wilderness.

Apart from getting good gear, players will also need to get a good set of skills if they want to conquer every challenge in the game. Here are some of the best ones they can find.

Enrage and Focus

These buffs give excellent combat bonuses for melee characters. Enrage increases the player's Impact damage while Focus boosts raw physical damage. They are also needed to cast some other skills at the cost of the buff getting consumed.

Enrage can be bought from Ture in Berg, while Focus is sold by Galira in Monsoon.

Infuse Wind

This is another buff skill that grants extra Impact damage and attack speed when used. Infuse Wind is great for every melee weapon, especially the fast-attacking ones like swords and fist weapons. It can be bought from the Cabal Hermit in northern Chersonese.

Moon Swipe

Arguably one of the best skills in the game, Moon Swipe deals extreme Impact damage over a wide area thanks to its sweeping, circular motion. It's great for both dueling and scrapping against groups.

Outward - Town Map
NPC locations can be found by opening the world map when in towns Outward

Burac at Cierzo gives this skill to the player for free if they have a halberd equipped before heading out of town for the first time. Alternatively, it can be bought from the Wandering Mercenary inside Monsoon's inn.

Predator Leap

Like Moon Swipe, Predator Leap is designed to crush the enemy's stagger meter as quickly as possible. This skill can knock down almost every enemy in a single hit, though players need to be under the influence of the Rage boon before it can be used.

Predator Leap can be bought from Ture in Berg.

Feral Strikes

Another specialty from Ture is Feral Strikes, an attack that hits incredibly hard and fast. It causes the player to perform quick swipes that deal great damage. However, it requires the Rage boon to be active and will consume the buff after being used.

Rage can be gained by using Enraged or eating a certain food, like cooked Alpha Meat.

Outward - Fighting
Fighting in Outward demands both skill and technical knowledge Nine Dots Studio