Outward - Dungeons
Outward has a number of dungeons that players can dive into Outward


  • Potions can be crafted by placing an Alchemy Kit over a campfire
  • Iron weapons can be upgraded into Fang weapons through the crafting menu
  • Gaberry Tartine buffs the player's natural stamina regeneration in the early levels

Behind "Outward's" open-world RPG backdrop is a surprisingly robust crafting system that urges players to discover interesting crafting recipes by themselves.

While crafting in this game can theoretically be ignored, doing so will hamstring players in terms of spending power. As such, knowing how to cook good food, make decent weapons and brew basic drinks and potions can make a huge difference, especially for new players.

These craftable items are all essential to surviving the harsh wilderness, and every adventurer should know at least a few of them.

Fang Weapons

  • Any weapon + Linen Cloth + Predator Bones

Good weapons are very hard to come by in the early game, which is why upgrading to the Fang family of arms is so important. After hitting enemies enough times, Fang weapons will cause them to bleed and take damage over time. The added DPS is great for ending fights more quickly, and they let players deal damage without attacking directly.

These weapons are also easy to craft. Just loot or buy an iron weapon from a blacksmith and combine it with the recipe above. Note that two-handed weapons require two Predator Bones, which can be acquired by killing Hyenas or other large, fanged animals.

Outward - Fang Claymore
Fang weapons can be crafted from ordinary iron equipment Outward

Herbal Teas

  • Mineral Tea = Gravel Beetle + Water
  • Bitter Spicy Tea = Ochre Spice Beetle + Water

These two basic tea recipes are used to combat the effects of maximum Health and Stamina burn while adventuring. Their ingredients are fairly common, and they cure Infection and Indigestion. Potions and rest can restore larger chunks of HP and Stamina, but these teas are great in a pinch.

Health and Mana Potions

  • Life Potion = Gravel Beetle + Blood Mushroom + Water
  • Astral Potion = Star Mushroom + Turmmip + Water

These are self-explanatory. Take note that they can be crafted using other materials, and the recipes listed here use ingredients from Chersonese.

Potions must be brewed in an Alchemy Kit.

Stamina Regeneration

  • Gaberry Tartine = Bread + Gaberry Jam
  • Endurance Potion = Egg + Krimp Nut + Water

Basic Gaberry Tartine is enough to buff the player's natural stamina regeneration in the early levels. However, once fights become more demanding, it's best to use stronger consumables like potions and high-tier food for faster recuperation in combat.

Outward -
Outward's stamina-based combat system is complemented by a set of weapon skills and magical spells