Outward - Fighting
Fighting in Outward demands both skill and technical knowledge Nine Dots Studio


  • Valuable items can be found in caves and camps
  • The blood debt can be paid off by saving an injured villager
  • Players need to be thrifty in the early game

As soon as players start their journey in "Outward," they will find themselves already in debt. The first order of business is to get enough money to pay for the right to own the Cierzo Lighthouse, which means everyone starts with the goal of money-making in mind.

Getting Silver early in the game is hard. Even the most basic of enemies can be difficult to take down with the equipment players start with, and most items are sold for very low prices. This can be disheartening at first, but it gets easier once players know what to do.

Paying the Debt

First, players can forget about the 200 Silver debt they owe to the town as it can be paid by taking a detour to the southwestern beach instead.

Go inside the Cierzo Storage room near the shore and go through the caves. The Troglodytes can be fought, but for the most part, they should be ignored.

After this, exit the cave and enter the beach. Players will find a wounded man along the shore. Heal him and he will reward his savior with a Writ of Tribal Favor, which will eliminate the debt.

Alternatively, players can just ignore the debt altogether and suffer very few consequences.

How to Make Money

Selling items is the best way to make money early in "Outward." However, to get the most out of every barter, players must know the best items to sell.

One good practice is to dismantle every spare weapon looted from enemies or chests. Simple iron weapons are not worth their weight in Silver, so they are better off dismantled. These usually drop from dead bandits, but they can also be found in chests or on corpses.

To the northwest of Cierzo is a cave full of Troglodytes. From the town gate, hug the left side and keep going until an etched stone entrance is visible. Enter the cave and fight the Troglodytes for their loot and resources.

Outward - Cave Entrance
The entrance to a Troglodyte-filled cave northwest of Cierzo's gate Outward

The glowing purple stones can be mined to harvest Mana Stones, which can be sold for generous prices in Cierzo. The staves dropped by Troglodyte mages can also be dismantled for more Mana Stones.

Lastly, find the Giant-Heart Garnet and Mushroom Shield and sell them both to Helen Turnbull at the town for an easy 100 Silver.

Outward - Town Map
NPC locations can be found by opening the world map when in towns Outward