Overwatch 2 - Junker Queen
Overwatch 2's Junker Queen Blizzard Entertainment


  • Junker Queen heals off of the DoT effects she inflicts
  • She excels at distracting key targets and engaging enemies in close quarters
  • Junker Queen suffers from a lack of mobility that makes getting out of fights hard

One of the newest heroes in "Overwatch 2" is the tall and brawny Junker Queen who dives and thrives in the middle of the enemy team as the roster's latest tank.

Learn more about how to play this character with this short "Overwatch 2" Junker Queen guide.

Strengths and Weaknesses

This hero is designed to fight up close and personal. Between her shotgun, axe and unique quick melee attack, Junker Queen's damage numbers aren't that high, but she excels at putting pressure on the enemy while relieving some attention from her own allies.

Her defining ability is Commanding Shout, which grants bonus movement speed and 200 extra temporary HP to all allies (including herself) in a moderate area. This not only makes her harder to kill, but it also makes her more difficult to hit thanks to her thinner profile when compared to other tanks.

Damage dealt by Junker Queen's melee attack and abilities also causes Wounding, which deals damage over time to any enemy hit. Each Wound tick also restores a bit of her HP, with the value scaling based on the attack that caused the effect.

Overwatch 2 - JQ Bleed
Enemies hit by Rampage receive no healing and take damage over time Overwatch 2

Junker Queen's ultimate, Rampage, wounds all enemies hit while also preventing them from getting healed. This is a hard counter to any heal-heavy team, especially one with Zenyatta.

As for weaknesses, Junker Queen provides little in terms of team-wide defense, unlike Winston or Reinhardt. She won't be able to protect much against flanks or indirect fire from Junk Rat or Pharah.

She also has low range and no mobility outside of Commanding Shout Rampage.

Junker Queen Tips

Always stay within melee range for the sake of activating her self-heal passive. Carnage restores 40 HP, while her basic melee and Jagged Knife heal 16 HP each. This makes Junker Queen deceptively tanky, especially when she's being supported by her healers.

Jagged Knife is best used in melee range simply because it's easier to hit from up close. Use it to prevent enemies from escaping or dragging in large, immobile targets like other tanks and Bastion.

Keep in mind that the Wound effect from her melee attack causes damage over time. This is great for finishing off pesky moving targets like Tracer and Genji.

Junker Queen's primary fire has a surprisingly long range for a shotgun. It can down 200 HP enemies in three to four blasts from a fair distance away.

Overwatch 2 - JQ Range
Junker Queen's shotgun can take down 200 HP enemis in four shots from about this range Overwatch 2