Paul and Belinda Berloni, the grandparents to a 7-year-old girl, were busted for a DUI after cops spotted them towing the young girl in a plastic car behind their SUV in Sarasota, Fla.

Paul J. Berloni, 49, who drove the SUV, is being charged with driving under the influence, child endangerment, and driving with a suspended license.

He had his license suspended 10 years ago and has had three prior DUI convictions.

Their granddaughter was riding in a plastic Hot Wheels car attached to the SUV by two dog leashes. She was dressed in a swimsuit with no protective gear on.

Paul's wife, Belinda, was seated in the SUV's cargo area cheering their granddaughter on, reported the Herald-Tribune.

Cops estimated that SUV was going anywhere between 5 to 10 mph.

According to the arrest report, Belinda was intoxicated as well and admitted that she understood that it was dangerous to drag a child behind the vehicle but stated they were just having fun and had been doing this all day, reported the Herald-Tribune.

Belinda, 47, is also being charged with child endangerment.

When cops pulled over Paul he had bloodshot eyes and his speech was slow and slurred, according to the arrest report. He smelled strongly of booze. Paul refused to take a blood-alcohol test.

The arrest report said the defendants failed to provide adequate supervision for the child and put the child in a situation that could have easily resulted in great bodily harm, permanent disfigurement or even death.

The girl's father arrived at the scene and shouted at his mother before taking custody of his daughter.

Belinda admitted to MyFoxTampaBay that she and her husband had consumed a few beers during the day before they took their granddaughter out on the ride.

She said she didn't think her granddaughter was in any danger. If anything, the 7-year-old seemed to be having a good time.

I was in the back watching her the whole time, Belinda said to Bay News 9. We were going up and down this road here, this little strip, maybe 5 mph, pulling her behind it. She was like, 'woot, woot, woot.' Having a good time, you know?'

Belinda said they pulled the girl 3 or 4 times on the road before the cops stopped them. She didn't believe the sheriff would arrest them for having a little fun.

Well, I thought they were just gonna tell us we couldn't do it, she told MyFoxTampaBay. Give us a warning, say, hey, this isn't very safe, maybe this is not a bright idea.

The 7-year-old girl was not harmed.

The couple remains in jail without bond.