Donald Trump
President Donald Trump (right) tries to break a medicine bottle with a press as Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) (left) looks on during an announcement regarding a pharmaceutical glass packaging initiative at the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Washington, DC., July 20, 2017. Getty Images

President Donald Trump might claim that he is a brilliant man with a high intelligence quotient (IQ) but from time to time, critics have questioned his general knowledge and a petition created Thursday on "We the People" demanded the president take a Mensa monitored IQ test.

"We the People" allows anybody to create a petition and engage directly with the government with the promise of getting a real response from the White House if it receives enough signatures. The petition targeted the Trump administration's policies and stated: "For whatever reason, telling people how smart he is appears to be very important to him — and since his presidency thus far has allowed for all types of trivial engagements, he should simply shut down the non believers and have his IQ formally tested."

"This would serve to substantiate his claims, and lend credibility to his decision-making skills to bi-partisan US citizens," it asserted.

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Mensa is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world.

In a Fox News interview with Chris Wallace in December 2016, Trump bragged about his smartness and went on to explain he would be the first president since Harry Truman to avoid getting daily updates from intelligence professionals about national security threats.

"I went to the Wharton School of Finance. I got very good marks. I was a good student. It’s the best business school in the world, as far as I’m concerned," the president boasted in an interview with CNN in 2004.

Trump's critics have said that he has a limited vocabulary, a short attention span, an ignorance of policy specifics, and an indifference towards scientific evidence.

Social media users had a field day when they found out Trump has been asked to take an IQ test.

Twitter users were abuzz targeting the president.

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Reddit users posted comments such as "Won't work. IQ test doesn't go that low."

Another user wrote: "Won't work because the questions they ask are picked based off of whatever age group you are in and the scores are calculated from that same pool. So Trump's IQ would be influenced by other 70-year-olds that have taken an IQ test and let's be real here."

"You can't just ramble about Hillary and the Miss America contest and how you're doing such a great job on a test, then keep pretending the font size is too small and the whole thing's too long and you forgot your reading glasses," said another.