This weekend, we see photographs from around the world depict the plight of women, the aftermath of violence and the beautiful contrasts of cultures and people on planet Earth.

Two young women were gang raped and hanged in India only days after a pregnant 25-year-old Pakistani woman was beaten to death by members of her family for marrying the man she loved. Health problems in rural areas threaten women as well, as we see in the Central African Republic.

The Turkish government hopes to quell increasing dissatisfaction with censorship and violence, but protesters are not willing to forget the massive protests that brought the country to the center stage last year.

Violence in the Ukraine has not let up. Six more separatist militants were killed trying to retrieve the bodies of as many as 100 fallen comrades following a battle with the Ukrainian Army in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine.

Despite this, in other parts of the world, life carries on. In the face of mounting protests, Brazil continues to prepare for the World Cup and refuses to be deterred in holding a successful iteration of the biggest tournament in the world. A man in Xinjiang, China rides across desert sand dunes days after 55 people were sentenced for terrorism separatism and murder in a mass sentencing in that region. Lastly we see a woman participating in a Spanish festival celebrating one village's ragtag and rebellious past.